Candy Crush Saga for iPad – Post iPhone Event: Where’s the New iPads?

CCS Candy Crush Saga for iPad   Post iPhone Event: Wheres the New iPads?

Candy Crush Saga

Today we’re taking a look at Candy Crush Saga for iPad. It’s that game you see on Facebook where everyone wants to connect with you. I have seen many-a-post saying people will get disowned if they get invited to play. But did you know you can play this game without even connecting to Facebook?

Candy Crush Saga by

I have been playing this game for a couple months now and I am kinda addicted. Of course I am a fan of those match 3 games. Best part is the game gets more challenging as you go. From getting 3 in a row, to 4 in a row (which gives you a striped candy), to 5 in a row (for the gumball).

Levels have a certain task – you might have to get so many points in a certain amount of moves or time – you might have to drop cherries and acorns down to the bottom – or you may have to collect ingredients.

Challenges inside the game include portals, replicating chocolate, barriers that need to be broken through and more.

Candy Crush Saga is free but does come with many in-app purchases. To circumvent the purchases, you can send Facebook invites. You can also play additional quests (which are usually separated by 24 hour time periods). Candy Crush Saga is available for iOS and Android apps.

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Where’s the New iPad?

So the big iPhone event came and went and we got new iPhones out of it. But what about the iPad? What about that iWatch everyone has been talking about?

I talk about what I expect is going to happen in the months ahead when it comes to the next generation iPad. After all, they can’t have a iPhone thats faster than the iPad!!

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