Pixaki: Draw Pixel Art on iPad

Pixaki Pixaki: Draw Pixel Art on iPad


Over 13 years ago, I created an online comic called “Cybeeks” (see below). The early version of the strip was drawn in paint and had a pixelated effect. If I had this app, I might have continued on with that comic.

If you are a game designer, graphic artist, photoshop professional or enthusiast, then this app will be a great tool for your iPad. Pixaki by Rizer is a pixel drawing app that uses layers so you can create images while on the go.

With Pixaki you can create sprites, icons or characters for whatever project you are working on. You can even import with layers into Photoshop for continued work.

Pixaki is $4.99 and for iPad only at this time.

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cyb101 Pixaki: Draw Pixel Art on iPad

Cybeeks – an online comic strip I did back in 1999

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